2011 Fall Fashion for Men

August 30, 2011

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2011 Fall Fashion For Men

Men’s fashion moves at a slower pace than its female counterpart. Men tend to be less likely to accept trends, or sport flash-in-the-pan style. But as technology has made the world a smaller place, exposure to more fashion gives men more options, and the ability to be more expressive with their fashion – especially with 2011 fall fashion for men.

“The world is so small that I know what is happening in Paris and Japan,” says Nestor Camacho, Fashion Design instructor at the Miami International University of Art & Design, about the openness of the fashion world.

“I think it just gives us choices,” adds Camacho who has more than 25 years experience in the fashion industry, and has designed everything from suiting to casual attire and everything in between. “Who would have thought in men’s wear that we would have choices?”


Here’s a peek at the breadth of style themes that Camacho predicts will be on the runways and in the streets this fall.

Brooklyn Boxer – A new interpretation on the vintage 1940s sporty classic

Down Home – A humble vintage inspirited looks with almost Amish inspirations

Absent-Minded Professor – Eclectic professor looks, mixed prints patchwork on classic suiting for tailored clothes, grandpa cardigan variations, bowties, and elbow patches

Neo Prep – Bright preppy worn in an irreverent way

New New Wave – Oversized and boxy. Almost 1980s inspired

Royal Military – Elite military look, regimental stripes, highly tailored slim silhouettes

1970s Flamboyant – Slim Luxe looks, retro 1970s inspired

Men will not always feel comfortable in something new and avant-garde, which is why there are a lot of returning trends from other eras.

“The cycles in men’s wear are a lot slower,” Camacho says when comparing it with women’s fashion.


Camacho gives us some fall clothing must-haves that will help create these retro looks.

Long Sleeve Tees – From allover prints to clean crews in slim silhouettes

The Sweatshirt – Raglans with nostalgia prints, even short sleeve ones with rolled hems, and color blocked

Turtleneck Knits – As an alternative to the T-shirt. Even short sleeved versions

Small Collared Woven Shirts – Newest small rounded collars or small pointed on slimmer bodies

“I think it’s going to be difficult to adopt that Peter Pan collar,” Camacho says about the rounded collars that should be in this fall.

Allover Patterns Sweaters – Beyond the expected, humorous, pieced, patterns all mixed together

Colored Heather Sweaters and Spaced Dyed Yarn Sweaters

Shawl Collar Cardigans – Single or double breasted

“Fall is the perfect season for double breasted because you want to bundle up,” Camacho says.

Shirt Jackets – The return of the shirt jacket

Slim Tailored PantsShort with almost no break with a sharp front crease

Soft Suiting – Casual tailored or unconstructed, made out of classic suiting fabrics or even jerseys with drawstring and rib cuffs

“This was the year of shrunken jackets and soft suiting,” Camacho says.

Toggle Coats Toggles

These must-have articles of clothing are going to be the driving force in fashion this fall, but in today’s fashion world, it’s all about the details. Here are Camacho’s must have accessories for this fall.

Bags – Tote bags and briefcases

Belts – Narrow belts

Scarves – Blankets infinity, or even formal silk ones

Trinket Necklaces – Horns, sharks’ teeth, feathers, and leather spiritual pendants

Ties – Classic stripes, vintage inspired

Fur – Anything fur

ShoesWingtips, brogue oxfords, rounded and with modified platform soles, loafers with tassels, and work boots


F. E. Castleberry, photographer and fashion blogger of Unabashedly Prep, has some prognostications of what will be the trending items on the men’s fashion scene this fall and ways to accent your classic outfits.

Safari prints/motifs


Pocket Squares

“I keep going back to pocket squares,” Castleberry says. “If your sport coat has a chest pocket, put a pocket square in it. A cotton paisley bandana works nicely with herringbones, tweeds, and wools.”


Accessories and must-have pieces are important every season, but men need the essentials to fill out their wardrobes this fall. Camacho recommends these essential items:

Jackets and Coats – Toggles, blouson, aviators, bright parkas, puffers, blanket coats, pieced outerwear coats, pea coats with cropped and soft shoulders, hybrids mixing on one garment over coats and motorcycle jackets, the trench, boxy fits, and rounded shoulder coats that are almost capes

Pants – Slim tailored to the ankle, slim boot cut, tapered carrot legs, big and baggy fits, dropped crotched with slimmer silhouettes, from solids to suits patterns, pleats, fabrics from cords to jerseys stripes and plaids and heathers, novelty patterns, velvets, leathers, motor-inspired, exposed flies, cuffs, and even kilts or layered baggy shorts over slim pants and tights

Woven Shirts – Collars – small rounded, tiny pointed, banded, or even collarless. Hidden button plackets; fabrics from stripes, plaids, and all over prints and neutrals; even woven short sleeve t-shirt looks

Sweaters – Turtlenecks, classic crews, stretched necks, shawl collared pullover or cardigans, Fair Isle sweaters, pieced and patchwork, handcrafted, raglans, short sleeves, exaggerated cables, open work, engineered, knitted blazers, and belted


Castleberry believes a classic looks help keep a wardrobe in style.

“As a man with classic style, there aren’t many looks of mine that aren’t in from last fall,” Castleberry says about staying current from year to year. “The emphasis is still on fit. Clothes that sit close to your body but not constricting it.”

He recommends:

Blazer – A navy wool blazer

Duffle Coat – A Gloverall duffle coat

Loafers – A pair of dark brown tassel loafers

Scarf – A university scarf

Tie – A navy silk knit tie

Pull from these classics and adding a contemporary twist, Castleberry says this is what he will be wearing this fall. “Navy moleskin jeans, dark brown cordovan tassel loafers, engine turn belt, wool repp stripe tie, spread collar Bengal striped shirt (bespoke), and a glen plaid wool sport coat with yellow silk pocket square.”

Camacho believes this fall is going to be all about the details, classic looks with a tweak, and lots and lots of choices.

“That’s the thing with men’s wear – taking things that are familiar and unthreatening and add a twist,” Camacho says.

“We have choices now,” Camacho add. “It’s not about just the one fabric anymore.”

Contributing writer for EDMC.

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