• Designer Collaborations Make Fashion Affordable

    collaborative fashion

    Get the best of two design houses with designer collaborations.

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  • Kid Couture: High-end Fashion for Kids

    Kids Fashion

    High-end designer apparel has found its way down to a population that can’t, in some instances, even read a label. Designers from Armani to Burberry have created pint-sized styles that appeal to both tiny fashionistas and their parents.

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  • Winterize Your Wardrobe

    winter wardrobe

    Does winter weather make you want to abandon your dresses and heels for a well-worn sweat suit? Don’t let blustery weather sap your style. There are plenty of ways you can stay warm and stylish this winter.

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  • Predicting 2012’s Red Carpet Fashion Trends

    red carpet fashion

    For fashion watchers, Hollywood awards season isn’t so much about who wins an award for acting as which celebrity wears the best (or worst) outfits to the awards shows.

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  • Winter 2011 Fashion Trends

    Winter fashion trends

    Just because the temperatures are dipping into single digits doesn’t mean your fashion sense needs to hibernate. Ai InSite asked some of the experts in the fashion world to help explain some of winter’s hottest trends.

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  • The Career of the Costume Designer

    costume designer

    Imagining a costume designer, you might picture someone dressing actors in Shakespearian gowns for the theater. Though many costume designers do this kind of work, they also work on everything from TV shows and music videos to concerts and films.

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